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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

World Women's Day Around the World

March 9 is World Women's Day. This day is to celebrate the liberation of women and their equal rights, as well as entry into the workforce.

To celebrate this day, Cuba is selling rice cookers at discounted rates to women in Cuba. Other ways that other countries are celebrating this day are:

Argentina: Women can buy matching washer/dryers at a discount today.

Saudia Arabia: Women can sit in the front passenger seat of the car, but only while it is turned off and in the garage.

Japan: Women may only be groped by one man on the subway today.

Juarez, Mexico: Police officers will actually investigate the serial murders of hundreds of women going on for years here. But only for the holiday, if they don't solve it today, women will have to wait till next year.

China: Women who get elective abortions of female babies will only be strapped down and vaccumed out and sterilized against their will. For one day only, they will not also be thrown in jail.

Sweden: Honor killings of Muslim women in Europe must be carried out in a humane manner today, such as with drugs.

Pakistan: Family members must use condoms today while raping women in their clan, and murderers must pay two goats, instead of the normal one, to the family of a woman killed in an honor killing.

Swaziland: Women wearing miniskirts may only be raped by one Muslim as punishment for being a whore, instead of gang raped. In addition, older women outraged by their slutiness will only be able to whip them once each with wet reeds.

Iraq: Women are subject to an evil occupying force that is forcing freedom and voting on them, throwing them into a sink or swim capitalist quagmire.

We must stop the evil abuse of women in Iraq! All those who care about women please contact Giuliana Sgrena, journalist of the paper il-Manifesto of Italy and ask her what you can do to kick America out of Iraq and help the women of Iraq!