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Friday, March 04, 2005

The Week In Pictures 8 - Condi in the news

Sen. Shumer (D-NY) re: Sen. Collins (R-ME): "Whew, it's gettin' hot in here. Back that thang up!" (h/t kurlander)

With Rumsfeld at bat in the annual UN cricket match, Bush and Condi dangerously get their signals mixed up.

Condi vainly tries to warm up Europe before Bush's speech, singing "Everyone on the right say hey!"

Condi rethinks her outfit when she has to keep explaining to European leaders that she's not part of the help.

All we're saying is, we've never seen the two of them in the same place at the same time.

Bush, Blair, and Rice later state: "We never would have pushed for the Iraq war if Karl Rove didn't put those damn earworms in our heads to control us."

Always calm and detached, Rock says "Make no mistake, if he weren't holding me back, I'd eat your face off, just to see what you'd do."

Bill Clinton's Finishing School for Women teaches their final lesson.

Spaniards are outraged by protests against terrorists in Lebanon, Syria, and Azerbaijan, saying "why didn't we think of that?"

Nickel - the new substitute for silicone.

French protest the "occupation" and "genocide" in Iraq, saying "We much preferred the genocide under regimes friendly to France, like Saddam, and Rwanda, and the Sudan, and Congo, and Liberia, and Zimbabwe, and ... "

Other French lamented "Why do they keep kidnapping our journalists when each time we give them concessions?"