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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

We're Not Racist, The Jews Just Want Us To Look That Way

In a heartfelt appeal for understanding for her son Matthew Hale, mother Evelyn Hutcheson said "this is a conspiracy by the prosecutor, the Jewish Defense League, and the FBI to get him a harsher sentence. The Jews are trying to make my son look crazy and like a hatemonger, just because he stands up and tells the truth that others are afraid to.

"All his life my son has been persecuted. Just because he is white and wants to stand up for his people. Sure, everyone wants to understand the Islamic Freedom Fighters, but who is calling for understanding us? As Milosevec said, 'we are the new Jews', we are the persecuted class.

"If this keeps up, we are moving to France, where they know how to treat the Jews."

Matthew Hale is leader of Church of the Creator, a church that is focused on protecting rights of white people, and has been labeled as "white supremacist" by the Jew controlled media. In an effort to find out the truth of her allegations, we snuck into a high level meeting between a JDL officer and Karl Rove.

Rove: Good job on dat Hale guy, dat Judge didn't know what hit er

JDL: Thanks. Too bad that Sgrena reporter got away

Rove: Yeah, some heads are gonna roll on that one. Dere weren't supposed ta be any witnesses.

JDL: So what about the next 9/11, we have three targets lined up-

Rove: Fugget about dat, I got a new job for yous guys

JDL: New job? But we did all this recona-

Rove: I said fugget about it. I gotta new job. Here, look at dis picture

JDL: This? This what you want us to do?

Rove: Yeah, got a problem?

JDL: Are you kidding? I have been waiting for this since my Jew Youth classes on conquering the world. This, this is it, isn't it? The beginning of the end?

Rove: Yep, dis is it. Soon global warming will cause all coastal areas into the seas. Yous better take care a dem Palestinians before den.

JDL: Don't worry, they will all be gone soon, and their highlands will be ours for our people to move up into.

Rove: Good, good. Step two, Ray Close and Michael Scheuer.

JDL: The former CIA analysts?

Rove: Yeah, dey wrode a few books bout how Bush is wrong. Right now der bode busy spouting Jew hating propaganda.

JDL: They work for us?

Rove: Yeah, da more dey write, the more dey make anyone who criticizes us look crazy. Bode o' dem even said dere is a Jewish conspiracy controlling America.

JDL: They let guys like that get to a high level in the CIA?

Rove: Yeah, during Clinton's term dey did. He an' Tenet got rid o' tough guys, and pud a lot o' Jew haters in the CIA. Why do ya tink I had Bush get rid o dem guys?

JDL: Isn't it dangerous for them to give away so much of what we're really doing?

Rove: You tink anyone believe dem? Naw, only da fruitcakes. No, the more truth dey tells, da crazier da left looks.

JDL: And the final part?

Rove: Dis is da best part. Da Red Sox? Dey is gonna dominate da nex ten years.

JDL: But what about University of Illinois football?

Rove: Never! I hate dem guys. Dey is never gonna win again. Nor are da Bears. I hate da whole damn state o' Illinoiss.

JDL: Well the Cubs are a given.

Rove: Nah, I'm gonna let the Cubs make the playoffs a few more times. Den crush em. Ha ha ha ha

JDL: This is a great time to be alive. We are gonna be rich.