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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Church of the Creator Needs TLC As Well

Victoria Fontan, visiting professor at Colgate University, has come to Chicago to visit the site of the murder of the family of Federal Judge Joan Lefkow. Lefkow became prominent in the fight against white supremacism when she presided over a trademark name dispute over the Church of the Creator, a name which another group claimed they owned. It was during this trial that Matthew Hale, leader of the Church of the Creator, solicited the murder of Judge Lefkow, which he was convicted for and is going to be sentenced for later in March of this week.

Many in the media have connected the two events, since Hale wanted Judge Lefkow murdered, and his sentencing is coming up in a few weeks, it seems obvious him or his group is connected. If it is, Professor Fontan tells us, it should not be punished, but understood.

"We never listen to the plight of white people in this country," said Fontan, "then we act surprised when they turn to violence. Is it any wonder, with our domestic policy of oppression? We need to understand why they turn to violence, and then we'll know how to stop it. If our domestic policy was more compassionate towards rural folk just trying to live their lives according to their own values, and stopped trying to impose our values on them, then they would not turn to violence.

"We are only interested in condemning them. We should be listening."

Ed Ill, local Chicago actor, said "We are not listening to their intellectual arguments, just dismissing them as [racism]. If we listened more, then some of them wouldn't feel the need to turn to violence." He also told us "we keep trying to impose our values on them, that is why they are mad."

Charles Rangel (Rep -D) also is visiting Chicago this week, saying "We say they are 'white supremacist' terrorists. Why do we call them supremacist? Just because they want to help their people? Why do we call them 'white'? They are not white, more a shade of peach, really. To call them white supremacists is discriminating, it's bigoted, it's not the right thing to say.

"When Europe invaded the Mideast to defend their homeland and stop the Caliphate from expanding any more into Europe (after they conquered parts of Spain, Greece, and Italy). We didn't call it 'Christians imposing their religion on others,' so why call these new fighters 'white supremacist' terrorists?"

Fontan also added "Change is already occurring. Mathhew Hale is leaving the Church of the Creator. He said his stay in jail has taught him to, as Jerry Maguire said, love the black man. He even told me that every night in his cell, he loves big black men, and they love him back. In fact, he says they cannot get enough of him. That is so special. See? The power of love conquers all."

An emergency meeting of the ACLU, Red Cross, and Pacifists for Despots has been organized by Spain, to go to the Church of the Creator, and ask them what we've done to make them mad, and what they want. Hopefully, our love will get through to them and we can convince our imperious leaders to do the right thing and change our discriminating domestic policy, so these white terrorists will feel the need to take up arms no more.