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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Local girl refuses to pay debt

George Lopez, bank manager at the Peoria, IL branch of Bank One, is at a loss. One of the bank's patrons, Risa Brye, refuses to pay her bills, and the traditional methods of handling it do not appear to be working.

"I sent her an email telling her she had to pay us back for the money we lent her, and she just exploded," he rather perplexedly explained. "She called me and started yelling at me, saying 'how dare you ask for your money back, that is so rude.' I wasn't really sure what she meant. I mean, we lent her the money, what did she think, we didn't want it back?"

He went on "Then she told me 'your bank only lent me money in order to have sex with me.' I'm really not sure what to make of that statement."

We went to find this Risa Brye to ask her to clarify some issues.

"Well first of all, I terminated my relationship with them, so I don't see why I should give them anything. Secondly, we had no understanding that I would have to give anything back," she explained, "you shouldn't lend something if you need it back. That's the first rule of lending, don't they know that?"

"Besides, I never said I wouldn't pay them back, I just said I'd do it someday, what's the problem? I told them I would pay them! In the past, I have had to declare bankruptcy, and have had a car repossessed. So I know about lending, don't even tell me, I have experience."

At her apartment, she showed us the new clothes she just bought. "I have this great new job, I can finally afford things."

George also told us "She told us she 'has a job' and 'has money', but then when we asked for her to make her payments, suddenly she is broke. She told me 'I can't, deal with it.'"

"I never said that!" Risa Brye yelled at us, "They are making this up in their minds. I told them I would pay them. They are crazy. Don't they realize how crazy they sound? The bank only wanted to have sex with me, the fact that they deny that shows just how delusional they are. Honestly I am afraid, I am being harassed by them. No one should have to go through that, I am the victim here."

When we asked her how a bank could possibly have sex with her, she exclaimed "the bank manager looked at me, I know he wanted me." After this Risa Brye began hyperventilating and had to breathe through her oxygen mask for awhile, then began crying, "can't you see what I'm going through? Why do bad things always happen to me?"

When confronted with the harassment charges, George said "we sent an email, then we sent another email two months later, is that harassment? One email? Speaking of victimizing, she told me if I didn't forget about her debt she would stab me."

"I was joking about that, Jesus Christ, give me a break!" Risa Brye exclaimed. "Don't they know, saying 'I can't' is never a confession of priorities, it's a statement of fact."

Risa Brye's name has been changed to protect us, since she threatened to stab us.