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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Local Man Annoys Friends After Buying TIVO

Peoria, IL native Brad Johnson built a TIVO a few months ago, and according to his friends, ever since then he has become very annoying.

"He built it himself," said John Darwin, his coworker at Applebee's, "did he tell ya that? He always makes sure to tell us how he built it himself, like that makes him a genius. I'm tellin' ya, I'm really getting sick of his bragging how he gets more hours on his DVR than I do, how he has all his music on his as well, and his whole entertainment center is controlled by his 'HTPC.' I mean, Brad, we get it, you're a geek. Ya don't have to prove it."

"He used to go out with us, right? But not anymore," said Vicky Fontana, friend and employee of Jamba Juice at the same mall. "Now all he talks about is the Sci Fi channel. He records it all week, right? Now he doesn't go out on weekends, he just stays home watching Buck Rogers and Stargate reruns that he TIVOd during the week. I mean, I used to think he was cute, you know? But O.M.G. get a life.

"His favorite joke? You know that Sabine Ehrenfeld girl from the add? He says she is into Stargate, because she says "It's all about the go'aould." He has told that joke like fifty times. It's starting to get old. I swear, if I have to hear one more time about how hot Amanda Tapping is? I'm going to scream.

"Same goes for Nicole De Boer and Erin Grey"

"The worst thing is," said Terri Sanfauken, friend and manager at Nordstom's, "is that you can't even talk to him anymore. Every time I try to have a conversation, if he doesn't hear something I said, he reaches for the remote trying to rewind me back 8 seconds. Last week when we were talking he looked at me and said "pause" and then went off to the bathroom! Then when he came back, he expected me to start where I left off. Yeah right."