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Monday, March 07, 2005

Top Ten Motifs of SarahKs Posts at IMAO

SarahK's posting at IMAO has allowed her to really "bust out" and try new things she could not at her blog, Mountaneer Musings. Here are the top stories she will be posting on:

10. Girlz N Gunz monthly centerfold (with clothes on, you pervs!)

9. Surviving harsh environments while keeping your femininity: hot steaming jungle series

8. SarahK's gosh darn tootin' peevs of the week (now with less swearing!)

7. Lead: Good for what ails ya! (Like Islamic terrorists, commies, and hippie tree huggers)

6. Surviving harsh environments while keeping your skin soft: desert series

5. Guns and dating: why yours should be bigger than his, and how to keep it that way

4. Surviving harsh environments while kicking butt and taking names: church singles group series

3. SarahK's weekly recipe roundup: this week: Stuffed Shells with full metal jackets

2. What Frank was supposed to learn at Church this week, but obviously I'll have to remind him, again

1. New Gunpowder uses around the home: This week: Gunpowder, avocado, and papaya facial; The burning means it's working!

Update 0. How I will beat up Pluto's Dad. This week: pistol whipping. No wait, he'll like that. I'll get back to you.

Note to FBI: If we disappear, you know where to look first.