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Friday, December 03, 2004

Chirac: U.S. hegemony interfering with French hegemony

"We must work against American Hegemony," Chirac said in an address to the European Union regarding the new E.U. constitution being finalized. "It is clear that Europe, now more than ever, has the need, the necessity, to strengthen its dynamism and unity when faced with this great world power ... That's the goal of the constitution...

"France has always been the source of high art, but now it is being swept aside by American pop culture, which is driven by money and appeals to base emotions like sex and violence. What will happen to great masterpieces like 'The Young Emmanuelle' or 'The Awakening of Annie'?

"French culture, not German, is the culture of the Enlightenment and the Renaissance and should be spread around the world. The fact that Americans can't see that proves their arrogance.

"Their companies are taking over. We are forced to spend much money propping up Airbus, and even have to bribe officials just so Airbus can compete with Boeing for contracts. We have to put so much illegal money into Airbus, I cannot believe any company can compete with us. The U.S. must be illegally helping Boeing, there is no other explanation. Their engineers and managers cannot be that good, no one gets ahead merely by hard work!

"Even worse, America is abusing their position in the U.N. security council to create violence around the world, especially in Africa. All over Africa, all the ex-British colonies are safe and stable and growing economically, yet the ex-French colonies are all in shambles, are poor, and are run by warlords with millions of people dying per year. Why? Because of American interference of course!

"We worked hard behind the scenes with Hutus in Rwanda, North African Arabs in the Sudan, and rebels in the Ivory Coast, and each time the U.S. interferes with charges of genocide. Whenever you win civil war, they call it genocide! Don't they realize sometimes you just have to fire on crowds of civilians?

"The Ivory Coast is our ex-colony, and nothing less, she still belongs to us. She's our ex till we say when, till we get her back again. The same goes for all our ex-colonies. We are still a great empire.

"And you eastern Europeans, you should learn to be quiet and do what we tell you, because we know what's best for you. Why don't people understand that they should follow the lead of France?"