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Monday, February 28, 2005

Blogger Squanders Instapundit Link

A Local Blogger finally, after months of trying, got Glenn Reynolds, Instapundit, to use his name and a blurb he wrote, when he wrote UPDATE: Reader Chris Buchholz emails: "It didn't get much coverage here either. All day all I've seen on TV is how Bush wore his gloves."

Unfortunately, when he sent his email to Reynolds, he used his real name and address, and did not use his blogger name, nor give a link back to his blog.

So after trying for so long, he was finally mentioned on Instapundit, but squandered his chance at an Instalanche.

"I really wanted that Instalanche," Pluto's Dad said. "In the past, if I happened to write about the same subject as Reynolds, I would send him the funny article I wrote hoping he'd like it and maybe link back to it. I never asked outright for a link, that is bad taste, but just let him know 'hey, I'm out here, and I'm funny.' I mean, all my friends tell me I'm funny. And since they're my friends I know they're telling the truth.

"A link by Instapundit means a lot, it is the litmus test of whether you've 'made it' or not. He is our hero. I think, no wait - we hate him. I forgot. I heard he puts puppies in blenders. And I thought drinking protein shakes after workouts was gross.

"Also, I feel like the server my blog is on has just been too stable lately. I really wanted it to be taken down by thousands of hits. That would have been so cool.

"But over the weekend I just sent him a short little email with a comment, and he posted it. I never expected it. It is like dating, they say you will find someone when you aren't trying and not expecting anything. I never believed that, since that has been my strategy for twenty years and it hasn't worked out yet. But now I can see it is true. Too bad I did not take the opportunity to at least put a link. Now I won't get buried under the Instalanche, but have to just keep surfing the bunny hill of hits until I get another opportunity."

Keep on truckin' Pluto's Dad. The Instapundit may link to you yet.