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Friday, February 25, 2005

The Week In Pictures 7

In an effort to reach out to young, non-Cuban hispanic voters, Jeb Bush launches his new narcocorrido rap career (h/t Cadet Happy)

Waddling out of an all day meeting this week in Thailand, Trump mentions that spicy Thai food always burns you in the end.

As part of new job training for trades such as plumbing, the ever more important butt-crack inspector is in high demand

The Queen did not go to her son's civil wedding ceremony, stating "That is what he left Diana for?"

At an anti-war demonstration, Ralph Nader speaks on the perils of Democracy run amok.

Citizens of Batislava also protest against war, seeking the Iron Curtain to be restored to blanket their land.

The Jimmy Carter warship gets off to an inauspicious start.

When we said the Jimmy Carter warship is dedicated to attacking poverty, we didn't mean it so literally.

Indonesians finally decide that next time tents will be a hell of a lot easier to replace.

Thai people also take steps to make sure floods never threaten them, by lighting everything on fire.

When Annan welcomed Negroponte, he said "We'd like to welcome - wait, you're a Jew? Are you kidding me? I thought Bush wanted to make the Europeans happy."

Yes, Oprah is the small one.