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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Now You Can See Me At Improv Olympic

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I have been selected to appear on an Improv Olympic team. I guess they think I'm funny or something. I am on one of the new teams, named Steal Kitty (obviously they saved the best for last). The name will change soon. Of course, the bastards spelled my name wrong.

<name dropping>
For non-Chicagoans, Improv Olympic was onetime home to famous comedians like Stephanie Weir, Chris Farley and Mike Meyers (before he went on that awful killing spree). And just about every other famous comedian the past 20 years has passed through both Improv Olympic and Second City in Chicago on their way to fame, fortune, and self destructive drug abuse.
</name dropping>

Woohoo! Self destruction!

Shows start in a month or so, and I'll be on stage every other week, so drop by if you are in Chicago. I'll keep a calendar of shows on the right.

In addition, I'll be acting and writing in a 3 week sketch show the beginning of May. Which I believe will be at Improv Kitchen. I'll keep you posted on that too.

Oh damn, this means more pressure, now you will expect me to be even funnier!

Originally posted: Mar 7, 2005