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Friday, March 11, 2005

Sgrena Spits On Quattrocchi's Grave

Fabrizio Quattrocchi, Italian baker and security guard who was kidnapped by Islamic terrorists and died telling his captors what they could do with themselves, is spinning in his grave. We talked to him through a medium, Ms. Cleo, about Giuliana Sgrena's statement. We played him a tape of some of her statements. Immediately the room started shaking and lights went out.

"I didn't want to live if the ransom meant others would die," he told us, "what makes her special? You did not see me begging for my life.

"She acted stupidly, got caught, and others had to suffer to rescue her. That Sgrena bitch got at least one Italian killed, and soon others will die as well due to bombs purchased with the ransom money.

"But her jumping up and down on my grave and spitting on it? She didn't have to do that. And the orgies at the cemetary? That went a little far. I'm pretty peeved about that."

When we asked Sgrena about this, she said "My release, and the paying of the ransom money, has been a happy ending. Sure, that $8 million EU Italy paid will go towards buying weapons and bombs and killing many other civilians, but hey, I'm alive, and the US can't stand that. See, the US does not care about human life.

"Oh that old fascist Quattrocchi is a moron. This is what i think of him." We then watched her dig him up; then her and her friends from Il-Manifesto took pictures while posing with the body.