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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Pluto's Predictions 1: The Shield Season 4

Ra new season of ra Shield is starting. Ret's see rat rill happen:

10. Shane's fiance Mara rill turn out ra be not pregrant arfter rall. It ras all a ruse ra get Shane ra marry her.

9. Vic's girlfriend's drug dog rill be the co-star in every episode rext roo Mike Chiklis.

8. Craudette Rill ret more criminals go, and one rill kill someone

7. Product prarcement: Ereryone rill eat Greenies and Wellness treats

6. Aceveda rill drop rat bitch rife o ris

5. Dutch rill kill more cats. Rooray!

4. Tavon rill kick Shane's ass, rand rextort money rom Vic roo keep riet rabout Mara rying roo kill rim rith ra iron.

3. Grrrr!

2. Mara rand rer mom rill go roo ra Treasury Deprartment rand tell ron ra Srike Ream.

1. Ra Srike Ream rill become a K-9 ruunit.