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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Finding Pluto: Tough Task? I Rink Rot!

According to space scientists, Finding Pluto: Tough Task, it is hard ro find me.

Rell, RI am right rhere!

Rey say: "Pluto is currently located at a distance of roughly 2.87 billion miles from both the Earth" Rah the rell rar roo talking rabout? I riv in Chicago.

"We are actually quite fortunate to be living around the time when Pluto is near the perihelion point in its orbit." I don't rav rany crue rhat that means.

"Pluto is being observed by growing numbers of nonprofessional astronomers as well." Rell I ram good rooking. Maybe instead of robserving rey should grive me treats!

"This is very nearly as bright as Pluto ever gets" Rey! My raddy says I ram a smart dog! Grrrrrr!

"Those who have access to at least an eight-inch or (preferably) larger telescope..." Rey! I don't sring rat ray! Ra humping ris purely for dominance! Go read a brook ron dog behavrior, drummies.

"Other’s have proposed that Pluto should not be considered a planet, but rather as the 'King of the Kuiper Belt Objects.'" I ram a roggy. Ro Kay? RI don't know rabout ranets, but I rike the ridea rov being called King. I ram already king of ra manor. Daddy rinks he ris, but we know better, right?

"What really makes Pluto most renegade is its eccentric.." Rokay, I ram reccentric. Rand I do rike to tear rup my daddy's furniture. Brut I don't rink rat means roo can call me ra "renegrade". I ram a good doggy! My daddy rays ro!

"after visiting this 'neither fish nor fowl' planet" Rhat? I rike both of rose! I especially rike squirrels ran rats. Rey is rummy! If roo rant to give me rish or roul, go ahead, I rill reat rem. Don't rissen to rose dummy srientists.

Rell, for being so smart, rose srientists sure ris dumb. Getting to know doggies ris not rocket rience. Rust ask me!