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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Don't Apologize - Kill Them

Across Iraq there were protests following the massive terrorist attack by Jordanian terrorists. Many Iraqis protesting called in radio stations and newspapers with messages for President Bush. The main message was "don't apologize to us for our deaths. Instead, kill the terrorists."

"This is horrible, absolutely horrible," said journalist Giuliana Sgrena of Il-Manifesto. "Don't these people realize that Bush is the problem, not the insurgents? If Bush did not invade, just left Saddam in power so France and Germany could get cheap oil, then there would be no terrorist attacks. In fact, only a few thousand people a year would die in Saddam's prisons, unlike the gazillions that have died since Bush's war of aggression.

"This is just like the refugees of Fallujah, who would not listen to me when I told them the American Marines were massacring their people. They tried to enforce their view of the truth on me, that the insurgents were killing them all. Just because the refugees were there they think they know what was going on? They think they can tell me what happened? And after everything I've done for them too, trying to keep Uncie Saddam in power to protect them."

"Two wrongs don't make a right," said Sen. Ted Kennedy in a joint press conference with Sen. John Kerry, "we can't just kill terrorists because they killed. The only reason they turn to violence is because of our evil Crusade to impose Western culture on the world. Values like allowing women to vote, or allowing people to own their own farms and property. Or giving people in the third world jobs making goods for us, when they would have no jobs otherwise."

Sen. Kerry added "The fact that the Iraqi people want revenge against the terrorists is proof our evil has corrupted them. Revenge, killing, death, those are actions of Americans, not Muslims. This should be enough to convince us that we need the French, Spanish, and Italians to come take over to give the new government legitimacy and to guide the Iraqi people in a path away from violence. Because the Europeans know how to deal with terrorism, they've had terrorism for 50 years and it hasn't gone away yet. They know how to listen, and put lives first, like the lives of hostages. They don't put the 'potential' lives of people that might be kidnapped first, like our Jew controlled FBI does."

Introspection Now!, a group of musicians organized by Green Day, is heading to Iraq to teach the people there that violence is not the answer. "If I could teach them only one thing," said Billie Joe Armstrong, "it will be that it takes two to make an argument. If I have a problem with you, then in reality, I have a problem with myself. I am the problem. What is the problem in Iraq? No one is listening to the people that care the most about the Iraqi people - Al Zarqawi. He and other insurgents like him are the only ones standing up to the American Imperialist oil machine. The Iraqi people are ignoring him out of their own ignorance and prejudice against Muslims. So you see? They are the problem. If I can teach that if you are going to blame someone, blame yourself first, then I have done my duty."