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Monday, March 14, 2005

Democracy Now! Changes Name To Democracy Later!

In a stunning move, Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman announced that the revered media organization featured on NPR will be changing its name to better reflect its values.

"We realized that Democracy right now is unrealistic," she told us in an interview, "Change is a long drawn out process that can't be forced. Societies must change gradually, even if that means people now live under despotism, their great grandchildren will thank us for not trying to make their leaders change faster.

"Now that America is running around the world killing people, it will take even longer.

"But what do we expect? America's own roots are in violence. Can you believe, they had this thing they call the Revolutionary War. This small cabal of Jews started killing Englishmen for no reason. They said it was because they wanted 'democracy.' How can you start a democracy amid violence? That is no way to make change. England already had a Parliament and had a representative government, so what was the big deal? Some people in the Colonies, called the Tories, did not even want freedom from England. Yet they were ignored. You can't force democracy on people, but they did. And look at the horror the US has visited on the world since.

"In other cases, like Germany, the US had an occupying army forcing them to be democratic as like a little copy of the US. There were German insurgents, the Werewolves, who fought against the US occupation for German freedom, just like in Iraq. They killed thousands of US Servicemen, and even more German collaborators. The Germans did not want us there, yet we stayed. And look at the consequences of US policy in Germany. Are they really better off? Yet again, using force to make democratic change resulted in things getting worse, not better.

"The same goes for Japan, for South Korea, etc. Look at them now and tell me how to justify our interference in those countries?

"We are pro-Democracy. We just do not believe democracy can be spread by force. Tyrants and Dictators will give up their power to the people if you only are patient and ask them nicely enough times. To say that more people were already dying under Saddam than died in the unjust war is like saying the ends justifies the means. Sure people were dying in Iraq already, but that doesn't mean they wanted to be free.

"Most of the world is full of darkies who have never had freedom and don't understand it. They don't even want to be free, so who are we to force it on them? As the great John Douglas once said, diversity is the basis of enlightened society. That is why France was on the verge of sending troops to help the South in the US Civil War before it ended. Because diversity demanded that their way of life not be judged. And liberty demanded that people in the South should be able to do what they want.

"Sure, not liberty for the blacks, but the slaves were not begging for freedom, not begging to be thrown into the sink or swim piranha tank of capitalism. They were taken care of by their masters. Look at race relations in America since we forced freedom on the black people. Are they better off? Surely we should have waited and let them have freedom only when the slaves actually asked for it.

"Someday the whole world will be democratic and free. But not until we stop trying to 'save' people. Not until we stop fighting evil and try to understand it and make it feel better. Because it takes two to have an argument. If we stopped arguing, evil will get bored and leave."