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Friday, March 18, 2005

The Darkies Are Better Off Without Freedom

with thanks to Robert Fisk for helping with this article

Georgia and all the other former Communist states confront a nightmare today. Communism collapsed over 10 years ago, Russia is slowly pulling out it's military forces. To the outside world, this may seem a victory devoutly to be wished. But they are wrong.

Ever since the collapse of Communism one thing has clearly happened: rampant ethnic hatred had been allowed to flare up. There have been arguments, fighting, and even deaths, as people take out their righteous anger against the Jews, or not so righteous anger against other ethnic groups.

Why is this happening? It is simple, without the iron hand of Communism to control them, the people simply cannot handle their freedom. It is not just in Georgia, but in the former Yugoslavia, Checnya, and others. There are no strong stable governments to keep the people in check in this former dark corner of the Soviet Empire. Natural ethnic divisions were ignored and lines were drawn haphazardly on maps without any thought to why one group voraciously hates another living next door.

Forget Lebanon, they are screwed, we can't help them. Syria has left them to fend for themselves, to be free to no only love to but hate each other; and maybe even fight in such wonderful tourist attractions as Beirut. But the Eastern Europeans - they still have a chance.

Now we must ask ourselves, are the People of Eastern Europe really better off? How swiftly a Eastern European country which had become a bedrock of financial stability and security can fall into the abyss. People are no longer guaranteed food or jobs. Anger, hopelessness, and violence may lurk around the next corner. Is that what we want? Is that what we've waged the Cold War for? So that criminals can do bad things in Eastern Europe? Or so that neighbors may get in fights or even kill each other?

Sure they have a free press now. But some are using their freedom to remember old hatreds, and inflame the populace. Is that better? Is that what freedom is for, to speak whatever is on your mind?

Bring back the Communists, let them take control, to give order and peace to people again. For peace is all anyone really wants. What good is freedom or democracy if you don't have peace? Obviously that is more important.

Democracy Indeed.