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Friday, March 18, 2005

The Week In Pictures 10

Mr. Heat Miser has branched out into French telecommunications.

The new show Fox Force Six has problems besides the name.

As part of escape and evasion training, foreign police about to go to Iraq practice being sexually assaulted.

"Oooh.. next time I meet Fox gotta lay off the beans and rice."

After shilling for Democrats to try to block drilling in Alaska, polar bears sulk when they don't get the Coke they were promised.

Dog remakes of popular movies have become popular among children. Seen here is Fluffy starring in Silkwood - K9 Power.

Models being thrown out on the street is becoming an increasing problem. But to have people gawk at you as you leave is just humiliating.

"I hate it when I get squirrels caught in there!"

Bat Masterson's great granddaughter is the fastest gun in New York City.

Other golfers feel the pain of the loser in No Holds Barred Ultimate Golf.

This Mid-East scholar has found the elusive Sixth Pillar of Islam.