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Friday, January 28, 2005

This Week In Pictures 3

Biosphere 2, which went up for sale last month, has finally been sold to National Snowglobe Corp. Pictured here is Carol Whetherby, the lone resident of the new tourist attraction billed as "The Largest Snowglobe In The World."

The dream that causes Jacques Chirac to wake up in a cold sweat each night. Talking in his sleep, he says "I do not understand, we paid the Vikings off. I thought they were appeased."

Pouring sand from his upraised hand, the President said "If you reporters don't start being nice to me I'll crush you like I crushed this diamond. Yeah that's right, it's called Captains of Crush. Come on, punks, bring it on. I told you don't mess with Texas."

The entrance to Auschwitz labor camp, which the UN has just identified as the focal point of the lies the Zionists used to take over the Western media and hold Muslims down everywhere.

Deflecting criticisms of racism for colluding with former Klansman Sen. Byrd to block the nomination of the first black female secretary of state, Sen. Barbara Boxer proves she is not a racist by showing off her "black friend" to the Senate.

During a visit to London, not wanting to insult his hosts (or throw up in public like his father), President Bush tells British Prime Minister Tony Blair and his wife "no really, I love English food."

The TV series 24 has become extremely popular in the mideast since rumors started that the second half of this season will be about how all terrorism is America and Israel's fault.

A Marine, apparently a Republican, lays down barbed wire near a polling place in Iraq, a blatant use of intimidation tactics to keep blacks from voting.

Jan Egeland of the UN specifically thanked the other, non-US and non-Australian navies of the world for helping with the tsunami disaster.