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Friday, January 21, 2005

This Week In Pictures 2

Seen here playing their favorite game, "Cowboys and Indians," the President dodges an arrow running for cover while the First Lady shoots her Colt revolver. Not pictured are the "Indians," Dick and Lynn Cheney, and Dick's personal "medicine man."

The real reason Judge Rehnquist got off his sick bed to perform the inaugural services.

In what has been described as a "breakthrough" in panda repopulation, scientists deduce that the reason for the low libido and birthrate of panda bears may be due to alcoholism.

Stan Lee tries out for remake of Saturday Night Fever.

Fashion Police arrest another woman for wearing too much pink, which was last year's color. This officer was so horrified he had to close his eyes.

To show support for the troops, DC police offer free hernia checks to soldiers.

Bush supporter, with tape over mouth to symbolize oppression and censorship, uses her freedom of speech to demonstrate freedom Iraqis did not have two years ago. Either that or Bush protestor uses her freedom of speech to demonstrate she doesn't know what the words mean.

Jenna Bush waves to Ozzie Ozbourne during the Inaugural celebration

"I'm crushing your head!" Dr. Rice said, frustrated with Senator Boxer's allegations of lying. Later Senator Boxer told us "I don't know why she was upset. I just said she was a house slave who couldn't think for herself, just like Powell and Clarence Thomas."

Senator Robert Byrd managed to delay Dr. Rice's appointment until next week, saying "It will be a cold day in hell before I let that ***** ****** ****** become the ***** Secretary of the ***** State. God made made the races separate for a reason, so the strongest would rule over the rest." In response, the New York Times re-ran a story from several years ago about Trent Lott paying Strom Thurmond a compliment.

Demonstrators protest sending troops to fight in Iraq. Jeann Guavara, pictured at left, told us "Violence is wrong. Why are our men over there when there's capitalists right here that must be killed before they commit more violence?"

Isn't that the Syrian "peace" agent we met last week for "fact checking?" I see he likes the nice rooftop spot we got him overlooking the inauguration.