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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Liberals For Love Protest President

At the inauguration this week, Liberals For Love was one of the groups that showed up. "We are against American foreign aggression," said Zack Wartlove, "The US is an international bully. That is why we are here protesting this Nazi we have elected. We support pulling out of Iraq immediately, so that the insurgents will win. After all, they are the minutemen just like our revolutionaries over 200 years ago. The Iraqi people don't want elections, you can't use force to create democracy. Just look at Japan and Germany, did it work there? I think not!

"We need to be more like France, which never uses force except in extreme circumstances to stop evil. Such as defending Hutus in Rwanda, or North Africans in the Sudan, or anti-democracy rebels in the Ivory Coast."

Wartlove took us on a tour through the protestors at the Inauguration. We recorded the types of protests we saw:

Top five slogans:
  1. To Dr. Rice: Go back to yo massah, Aunt Jemimah!
  2. To Bush: I hope a suicide bomber kills you, fascist pigs!
  3. To Holocaust survivors: No more Jew control! Die Jews and Republicans!
  4. To Bush: Hopefully more of our boys will die in Iraq, that will show you!
  5. To Bush: I wish I were a suicide bomber, you hatemonger!
Top five forms of protest:
  1. Beating up Bush supporters, shouting "Stop suppressing our freedom of speech!"
  2. Smashing FOX news cameras, shouting "Stop reporting pro-US stuff, you propaganda machine!"
  3. Attacking Army recruiters, shouting "Stop lying to our kids. Go to Iraq and die!"
  4. Spitting on wounded Marines, shouting "Feel sorry for Iraqi children, war criminal!"
  5. Push Bush supporters in front of cars, saying "Just because we're anti-imperialist doesn't mean we're against violence."
"I feel we must apologize for that last guy," Wartlove told us after we showed him our observations, "obviously he is just a nutcase, he does not speak for the rest of us. When Republicans spout their hate speech, it's systemic among them. But when Democrats do it, it's just individual nuts."