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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

NOW Wants Abortion Criminalized

We interviewed Mary Ludheim, president of the National Organization of Women (NOW), about China's one child policy and their recent law criminalizing abortions.

"China is perhaps the most progressive country in the world when it comes to women's rights," she said, "Children are not at home annoying their mothers, but often when not in school they get to work in factories, where they are seen and not heard, and punished if their productivity falls. This relieves women in China of much of the burden of child-rearing and puts it on the state, where it should be.

"The One Child policy, which I have stated over and over is truly positive for women and something we should implement here, also helps women get out of the house and into the workforce, since it is easier when you only have one child, especially when that child works 12 hour days in a factory. China has truly shown us the way to make these whiney brats not a burden anymore.

"There are some bad apples though, as there are in any society. Some women actually want to keep their retarded children, instead of mercifully putting them down. What good can a retarded child do for anyone? Not only that, there are some women that actually want to have children, and want to stay home to 'raise them right.' This arrogance cannot be tolerated. Imagine a parent thinking they can do a better job raising their children than the state can, whose education is influenced by NGOs such as NOW.

"Just the fact that anyone would want to have a child proves they are crazy. Children are punishment.

"Not only that, some women in China even try to have more than one child. Which is truly selfish. You know how much grain it takes to feed one child? That food could go to the needy, or to pay a salary of a woman wanting to work. That is why we support strapping the woman down and vacuuming them out. Forced sterilization is the only way to treat these women who only understand violence. And by violence I mean sex with men.

"And now we come to the truly evil and disgusting part. I'm sure you know about the great difference in birth rates of males and females in China. Some women, since they can have only one child, think it's ok to have an abortion if the fetus is female. It is not just a minority of the women either. I cannot believe the self-hatred so many women have. How dare they take away the potential lives of those innocent little women?

"China first started by saying women cannot have an abortion only because the fetus is female. This is not a restriction on their rights it is protection for female babies still in their mother's wombs, and we completely support it. But it has not worked, women are still terminating pregnancies if the fetus is female. So now finally last month, China has passed a law handing out criminal penalties to women who want elective abortions if the fetus is female.

"Finally China is doing the right thing to protect women. By not allowing elective abortions, they are protecting women from themselves. Evil women who want to kill baby girls will have to use coathangers now. Good riddance. The day this law passed was a great day for women in China.

"Hopefully our own government will see the wisdom in China's plan. We know we are overpopulated. As Malthus showed us, the human race cannot improve farming techniques and we should have died out decades ago. I don't know why were are still here, but I know each day that goes by we are in more and more danger. We need to control our population.

"That is why we are lobbying Congress to copy the Chinese plan. We should only allow people to have one child. Especially the poor and black people, since they are so much more ... needy. Yeah, that's why. And we should learn from China's mistakes and make elective abortions illegal right away, before we have too many abortions of baby girls. We know what is right for women, they can trust us.

"We must protect the rights of women. If that means we have to make decisions for women in order to make sure they keep their rights, then that is what we must do. We cannot allow people to use their rights to hurt themselves."