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Friday, February 18, 2005

The Week In Pictures 6

As a result of a blatant American imperialist attempt to corrupt the minds of young Muslims, Where's Waldo has become popular among Tsunami survivors.

President Bush shows Negroponte how he won Laura's heart: the two step.

Max Papis' secret warmup for a good time at the track: patty cake.

Dogs and their masters really do look alike.

Boy at Al-Zarqawi's school for special children attempts to head butt a ball. Said Zarqawi, "If you can bounce the ball into the cup the bomb goes off. Whoops, we mean you get a prize ... heh heh."

Bush demonstrates what it would be like for an unstoppable force to meet an immovable object, after hearing that he is "unstoppable" when it comes to getting his bills passed, and that Michael Moore is coming over.

A throng gathers around what appears to be an alien craft that has landed in Chicago, IL - a prime vacation spot for the aliens. Apparently they came looking for the Chicago stockyards - full of trapped cattle ripe for sodomizing. Unfortunately they did not account for the time delay of our radio waves reaching their planet and that maybe the stockyards would be gone by now.

To increase safety, NASA added a larger fuel tank, and the shuttle itself has been removed. It is estimated this will result in a 100% safety factor and will finally satisfy Congress.

The new eco-friendly coffin has been well received as a model of environmentally friendly engineering, in that it does not fit any existing size standard and funeral homes would need all new equipment in order to accommodate it - resulting in a large increase both in cost and energy consumption to manufacture the new equipment.

Iraqis are finally free to freestyle. Seen here is the new boy band Ashoura Six.

"I can make a bird"

Up until now, rumors that the Chinese army was using telekinesis were unfounded.