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Monday, February 14, 2005

Green Day: Dangerous Rockers

Yesterday Green Day won a Grammy for Best Alternative Music Performance. In his acceptance speech, Billie Joe Armstrong shouted out "Rock can be dangerous and fun." Never were truer words spoken by a more dangerous punk rocker.

"We spray painted the word 'idiot' on a flag during a photo op," he told us in a backstage interview after the ceremony. "We were going to burn the flag, but Tre said it was, like, illegal [it is not - ed]. So we just sprayed it. That is how dangerous we are. We won't bow down to authority man, we do what we want!

"I was really disappointed in the crowd. All those other musicians are sheep, all towing the party line. Who else dares to speak up and say America is wrong? No musician or actor that I know. We thought, 'hey, if we release this people will, like, hate us. People always hate liberals who speak out, look at all the famous actors whose careers were ruined, like Martin Sheen.' But we did it anyway, because we are dangerous!

"It is hard, being the head of a revolution. All my Hollywood friends think I am crazy, they are all afraid. But not me, I have always lived life on the edge. We even swore during the show. Can you top that?

"No way am I gonna let the asshole rednecks that fill Hollywood stop us, with their 'redneck agenda.' I swear, 90% of this country is full of idiots. They are so stupid, yet think they are smart and better than everyone else. That is why I called our album 'American Idiot', so they will read it and then know that they are idiots. I just can't stand self-righteous people."

Look out America, dangerous rockers are coming to rock your world and change your minds. We here at Eyes On The Ball feel privileged to live at this time when rockers are finally throwing off the chains of conservatism and speaking their minds. Green Day, those dangerous brave soldiers, willing to throw away their careers for the truth, are speaking what we all believe but are too afraid to admit in public.

Viva La Green Day!