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Friday, February 11, 2005

This Week In Pictures 5

General George Casey realizes the Army needs stronger heavy lift choppers when Michael Moore steals a Chinook helicopter

The Klan continues to organize protests despite a worldwide bleach shortage resulting in their whites not being kept so white

Due to a string of robberies by Raelians needing plastic for their clone incubation chambers, The Container Store has hired more armed guards to protect its inventory

If Bush's tax plan is passed, diamond dredels will become increasingly popular among children of the Jews who control the US

During her week-long trip across Europe, Dr. Condoleezza Rice tried her hand at DJing the UN ball

Sen. Kerry took up dance lessons hoping to convince Theresa Heinz to add his last name back to hers, which she removed after he lost the election. Seen here dancing to "Mr. Roboto," he has only mastered the use of his hands

Damn Mermen keep getting caught in the nets!

Tired of every man she meets sucking on her finger, Dr. Rice really wishes more black women lived in Europe

Nanci Pelosi, overdue for her botox injections