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Friday, February 04, 2005

This Week In Pictures 4

In an increasing effort to use UAVs to spare human lives, this JSOC unmanned soldier/suicide bomber malfunctioned and was captured by Al Qaeda forces. The Pentagon blames budget cuts made during the Clinton administration forcing them to use generic batteries. In an effort to raise ransom money demanded by the terrorists, Martika's "Toy Soldier" benefit concert will be held at the Gurnee Mills mall in Illinois.

This Iraqi woman was crying after having freedom and democracy forced upon her, even though every liberal in America knows liberty and democracy are not "right," and everyone knows freedom is a cultural phenomenon that only white people value.

Apple's new Macs For Homeless program was launched this week.

Confused Iraqis defeat the Japanese embassy in Baghdad. Pictured here is the lesser known first, smaller flag

Upset at the success of the Iraqi elections, Ted Kennedy falls off the wagon on I-95

Spaniards protest the Iraqi election, saying "you can't have elections while there is violence. Our democracy started that way, but that was just a fluke. Besides, the darkies don't want freedom in Iraq anymore than they wanted freedom in the USA in the 1860s."

Bill Moyers and others fled when Bush approached with the antichrist child, seen here with the mark of the beast plainly visible, whom he will use to conquer the world beginning with a "showdown" at Megiddo

Another feature of the antichrist celebration will be the barbecue. At left is Kristina Kiik, the virgin who will be sacrificed to Satan to ensure victory for the US military

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton about to kiss Rep. Joseph Crowley, turned on by his crushing grip, which she says is much more manly than Bill's "limp fish" grip

Sen. Nancy Pelosi testifies at a trial on the horrors of botched plastic surgery

A young boy learns to learn to press the "cookie button" at Al-Zarqawi's Center for Disabled Children. Afterwards he will be allowed to play with "clay" at the market