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Saturday, January 15, 2005

CBS's Plan To Regain Credibility

Things CBS is considering to regain credibility (or at least divert attention away from the question of credibility):
  1. Add "Pinnochio Meter" to bottom of screen which always indicates the speaker is telling the truth, except when Republicans are being interviewed
  2. When dealing with witnesses, remember: less foaming at mouth good
  3. Hire P. Diddy as anchor for "believe us or die" campaign, since he has "street cred"
  4. Have scrolling bar at bottom keep repeating: "Why do you care about us when Bush is lying to you?"
  5. Between stories, say Hey, have you seen Number 6 on the new Battlestar Galactica?
  6. Make sure witnesses in future reports were not committed to a psychiatric hospital
  7. When all the experts you hire say the documents are fake, try listening to them
  8. Change signoff to: But remember, nothing can be proven conclusively
  9. Actually interview people who know something about the subject
  10. Replace 60 Minutes Wednesday with Ann Coulter Dance Hour