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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Man Gives Wife Surprise Lexus

Kurt Logenheim asked us to be there when he gave his wife, Marlene, her surprise Christmas gift this week, so we agreed. Inspired by commercials for Lexus, he bought her a Lexus GX 2005.

"She's been wanting an SUV for a long time," he told us. "She has to drive the kids around in a minivan, and she hates it. I figured, hey why not do it like in the commercial and surprise her?"

Our reporters and camera operators were there when he surprised her, we were there for the entire exchange.. He brought her outside covering her eyes with his hands, and took them away yelling "tada!"

The look of shock on her face was unforgettable, this reporter cannot do justice to the true surprise and amazement she displayed.

"What is that?" Marlene asked.

"That's your new SUV honey," Kurt beamed. "See it has all these cool features, it remembers your position where you sit, and the heat and air conditioning is automatic, you just set the temp-"

"How much was it?" she interrupted.

"Well that's rude, you know I can't tell you."

"Honey, where did we get the money for this?"

"It's my money I wanted to surprise you. On TV it looked like a great idea so - "

"You mean you've saved up over fifty thousand dollars without me knowing? I handle all the financials."

"Well no you know about the money, we had tons in the Vanguard Money Market account -"

"That was Jason and Robert's college money!"

"Well , er, yeah I know. Don't worry honey, I make $50k a year, we can save it up again."

"They are both in junior high, how are we supposed to save enough in four years?"

"You know, you really don't know how to accept a gift. You are supposed to say 'thank you'"

"Thank you? For flushing our savings down the toilet? Thank you? For destroying years of saving in one act of idiocy? Thank you for not even consulting your wife in the most expensive purchase we've ever made except for our house?"

"But on TV - "

"Forget the TV! How could you do this? How could you be so stupid!"

"What is your problem? It's a great car, you always wanted one -"

"Augh! I'm going to mother's. Call me after you've returned the car."

"Return it? It's a gift! How can I return it?"

"If you do not shut that mouth I am going to slap it right off."

"Ok now you're starting to make me angry."

"Augh! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!"

Marlene threw her hands in the air and ran inside at that point.

Later after Marlene left with the kids - in her minivan - to go to her mother's in Peoria, we talked to Kurt. We asked if he planned on returning the Lexus.

"I guess I have to, though I don't think they take new cars back," he complained. "I might have to sell it back. I guess that means I'll lose about ten grand on the whole fiasco.

"It didn't really go like I expected. I don't get it, on TV it looked like such a great idea. Surprise your spouse with a new car. Man, there is just no pleasing some women.

"I have to make it up to her somehow or else I'll be sleeping on the couch all week. I think after I sell the Lexus back, I'll use the money to buy her a nice tennis bracelet."