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Monday, December 13, 2004

NAACP: Dr. Rice Not Black Enough

Recently Dr. Condoleezza Rice was named Secretary of State by President Bush. Instead of the expected excitement over the first African American female Secretary of State, there was an angry reaction from some members of the political landscape.

"Dr. Rice had a sheltered life as a youngster from the racial conflicts and segregation of the South," the announcement carried by AP said. "After all, the famous boming in Birmingham, Alabama that killed four girls in a church, was a whole 4 miles from her home, and she was only playmates with one of the girls. Hell, that doesn't count as being affected by racial violence, she would have had to have been playmates with at least two of them, and been in the church when the basement exploded, for me to believe she has any knowledge of how black people felt in the South."

"'Condi' Rice (I'm not calling her 'Dr.') had piano and ballet lessons as a child," said Julian Bond, Chairman of the NAACP. "What Black child gets ballet lessons? If her parents could afford it, then they must have been rich."

Both of Dr. Rice's parents were local schoolteachers. When we pointed this out he responded "Yeah, and that was the golden age for schoolteachers, in those days schoolteachers were respected ... and rich."

"And this whole nonsense of how her family became Republicans because the Democratic Party wouldn't let Condi's father register as a Democrat? what a lie! They would have let him register, they only asked him to count the number of beans in a jar first. Hmph, some teacher, can't even count.

We asked about Dr. Rice's schooldays, he said "She skipped two grades, obviously she can't understand how hard our children have it now, with so many being left behind in bad public schools with racially biased tests. How can she relate to our children? Now if she were held back two grades, then I might support her.

"Someone like her will give a bad message to African American children. She would inspire children to study hard, start their own businesses, and try to get ahead on their own. Then when they fail, because no black people can get ahead in this racist country, they will be even more despondent. She is setting up our children for failure!

"Of course, there is the despicable fact that this Republican President is appointing so many women and people of color. What does he think he's doing? That's the Democrats' job! Just the fact that he supports her proves that she shouldn't be in that job, since Bush is only trying to fill a quota with unqualified people."