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Friday, December 31, 2004

Skinny People "Ruining Society"

In response to our recent article celebrating the survival of Petra Nemcova, we were contacted by Lisa Flabston, president of Fat Acceptance America, who wanted to talk about the tsunami in Asia and the real tragedy.

"I was so disgusted with your article," she told us, "talking about a supermodel who survived a tsunami, while ignoring the real problem going on right now: discrimination against the plus-sized.

"People are so cruel, I got picked on as a child, and it was horrible. People still are mean even as an adult. What I want is not just acceptance for plus-sized people, but for everyone to be judged according to the content of their character, not what they look like."

We interviewed Ms Flabston, who has a doctorate in "life, deal with it", at the Julius Meinl coffee shop in Chicago. "Look at that skinny bitch," she said about a woman walking by. "See how skinny and stuck up she is? That is what we have to put up with. I forgot how much I hate the people in this neighborhood, why did we meet here anyway?"

Over coffee and dessert, she explained the main position of Fat Acceptance America: "Skinny people are ruining society, that's the basic truth. They walk around as if everyone admires them and loves them. Plus, skinny women are stuck up bitches. Look at that other bitch over there, see how she carries herself? I can just tell she thinks she is better than me. Well I have news for her, being thin and beautiful and stuck up about it doesn't make you better than me, in fact it makes you worse. I am better than her. I am not being proud, it is just the truth.

"And don't even talk about losing weight. People can't lose weight. Besides, it changes you. Skinny people are mean and bitter - losing weight makes you bitter. Even Weight Watchers perpetuates the lie that if you are successful losing weight people will start to criticize you and drag you back down. Isn't that stupid?

"My friend who lost weight says his old plus-sized friends don't like him and say bad things about him. What arrogance! I don't know what he's talking about, but what I do know is ever since he lost weight he has become a real prick. We plus-sized normal friends were talking about him, and we decided he has become obsessed. It is not normal to lose 70 lbs in 2 years. And all those muscles he has now, what is he going to do with those?

"Not only that, but every time we go out to eat he gets something healthy, as though he is rubbing it in, like he is better than us. He wants us to accept him as he is. Ha! Not as long as he is a skinny jerk-off.

"If only these people would accept us and stop being arrogant jerks, they are all so stuck up and judgemental, the world would be a better place ... They could stand to gain a few pounds too."