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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Petra Nemcova OK!

Eyes On The Ball News is pleased to announce that Victoria Secret supermodel Petra Nemcova is alive and stable after surviving the devastating Asian tsunami this week.

"This is truly a Christmas miracle," said John Sweeney, president of the Petra Nemcova fan club. "We held a candlelight vigil all night praying for her safety, and even raised $3210 to help search for her."

Twenty five year old Nemcova survived by hanging onto a tree for 8 hours to keep from being lost at sea despite massive injuries, including a broken hip as well as more serious internal injuries.

"She is so brave and so strong," Sweeney said, "few others would have the strength."

"Finally this should dash the rumours that supermodels are waifs that would blow away in the slightest breeze," said Jacques Rosepénétrateur, President of Belles Demoisellesies, the French supermodel agency. "It took a tsunami to drag her away. She has been working out in the gym for years.

"Supermodels are tired of being looked down on - of being seen as helpless 'ditzes' that don't deserve their money and fame. Nemcova was born with perfect genes, and she has worked hard on her body. That night, as she was fighting to survive, she wasn't just fighting for her life, but for all of us. For if she were to die, surely there would be a little less light in the world, and a little part of all of us would die."

"Now that she's been found and in a hospital, we will use the donations to help her more," Sweeney also told us. "We plan on making her feel better. We're taking up a collection to send her flowers, and get well cards as well as singing telegrams. We know there are a lot of suffering people right now because of the tsunami, and we think if she gets better, then she can spread love and cheer around to everyone else.

"We have set up a PayPal account on our website where people can donate to the Petra Nemcova fund. In this time of need, we should remember others who are more in need than us. People like Petra."

"The world was in shock after the waves hit," Rosepénétrateur said. "Now that Petra is safe, and her tale of courage can be told, we can all breathe easier. I have already commissioned a team of photographers to go down to her and create a photojournal of her harrowing ordeal. We think this will offer hope to anyone else who might be caught in a tsunami some day, or other natural disaster. That message would of course be, 'Hang on like Petra, there is hope if you just wait long enough. You will not be forgotten'."

Eyes On The Ball Readers may donate to the Petra Nemcova Get Well Soon fund, or one of these other charities for non supermodels:

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Salvation Army
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