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Sunday, December 05, 2004

Murder Suicide goes awry

When Josh Biggens decided to kill his family and himself, his murder-suicide plans went awry when he got the order reversed and tried to commit suicide first.

"I was playing Blues Clues with our kids in the living room when it happened," Melanie Biggens told us. "I knew something was wrong when I saw in one hand he had his revolver and in the other hand a bottle of Draino."

"He told us 'I was just talking to God, and he told me we all have to die, we have to stop living this lie.' Then suddenly he said 'I'll go first' and just chugged the whole bottle of Draino. He immediately started coughing up blood, at which point I took the gun away and called 911. Well first I let our son (Josh Jr, 6) kick him a few times."

"He was always quiet and nice," said a childhood neighbor. "Though he did like to torture small animals, but we just thought it was a phase."

"He was never a bright boy," Josh's parents told us. "When he would punish the dog, he would tell him 'this is going to hurt me more than it hurts you' and then starting punching himself in the face. 'See what you made me do?' he would ask the dog, who would cock his head and give him that look dogs give you when they think you're being an idiot."

Josh is currently in the hospital with severe ulcers in his esophagus and stomach. Contrary to popular belief, draino won't kill you right away, it just burns really bad.