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Saturday, January 01, 2005

Local Man Starts New Year Alone, Again

Peoria, IL native George Colitos sent us this video he made of himself for a dating service. He gave us his permission to publish the transcript, hoping some ladies out there will want to call him.

"Last night I almost stayed home," George syas, "I was going to go out, I knew of a few parties, but I thought, well I'd have to take a shower, and change, and that just seemed like too much work. Plus there'd be a bunch of people I don't know there that I'd have to meet and make the same small talk with. So, I was just not interested. But then at 11:30 I realized I'd be kicking myself if I didn't go out, so I threw a sweatshirt on and went to one of the parties.

"I had a drink so I'd have something to do with my hands, I and stood there in the kitchen, but no one came up and talked to me. There were a few cute girls but, they didn't seem interested. They are probably the type that only like aggressive men and jerks. You know, we're not cavemen anymore, those qualities aren't really needed in a man.

"People like to talk about themselves so I let them, I don't really listen. But I'm not really what you call a 'talker.' I figure they're probably not interested in hearing me talk either. I really hate the whole small talk and telling your life story and the whole first date interview. I wish I could just get all that upfront stuff over. I mean, I haven't had a date in awhile but my friends tell me that still goes on.

"I think I'll just carry a recording around, that way I can just give them the recording, which will have my number at the end, then they can call me once they're done listening.

"I like to sit at home and watch TV with my dog. That's the most fun I think. Well it's not really 'fun' I guess. Really it's just there's no pressure to conform to someone else's expectations of you. I can sit there and eat and get fat and scratch myself and no one cares. As soon as you walk out the door, people start laying their expectations on you, and you have to always be putting on a performance. I'm so tired of that.

"I'd like to meet someone that is compatible, that isn't going to expect anything from me, that understands I have a lot to give but won't ask me for anything. She should also be giving, thoughtful, and take care of her body, I don't need someone hot, but at least be athletic and work out, and care about presenting herself to others, not let herself go."

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