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Friday, November 26, 2004

France is confident Iran will/won't enrich uranium

The recent agreement between the U.N. and Iran to secure Iran's cessation of Uranium enrichment has met with some controversy. Critics are quick to point out this is the exact same deal that was made with North Korea, and N. Korea never honored their side of the bargain.

"We are confident we will not see a repeat of that event" says French ambassador to the UN Jean-Marc de la Sabliere, "for a number of reasons. First and foremost, N. Korea had an agreement with the U.S., Iran's agreement is with France, I mean the U.N.. Obviously N. Korea would not honor an agreement with so duplicitous a partner as Bush, it would be insane. Iran has no reason to violate their agreement, since France is obviously much more honorable than the U.S." He added "Besides, we always vote the way they want in the Security Council."

When it was pointed out to the Ambassador that N. Korea violated its agreement almost immediately in the 90s, years before Bush took office, he responded "that is immaterial, they knew which way the wind was blowing."

"Also, everyone knows Kim Jong Il is crazy. The Mullahs of Iran, however, are merely misunderstood by the anti-Muslim right that controls the Western media."

When asked about how it only took 2 days for Iran to request permission to go ahead with its Uranium enrichment program, Sabliere said "You misunderstand, this is encouraging news. They are not going behind our backs to enrich uranium, instead they are telling us up front that they will violate the agreement. This way there are no secrets."

Days later, the U.N.'s agreement with Iran, which stipulates that they stop enriching uranium, was amended to allow them to enrich uranium. In return, Iran will receive monetary aid and nuclear technical expertise from France. This will continue as long as they do not violate the agreement, which states they cannot enrich uranium, which was amended so they now can enrich uranium.