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Friday, November 26, 2004

What's the matter with Kansas

In his new book, "What's the matter with Kansas", Thomas Frank shows us "Why so many of us vote against our economic interests" and instead vote for Republicans.

"The Democratic Party is better for Middle America, we support programs that will help people, but then the Republicans come along with their 'values' like abortion and gay marriage, and get people all riled up to vote for them."

When asked to demonstrate some Democrat policies that are better for Middle America than the Republican policies, Frank said "The Democrats have many programs, to give farmers money, to give the poor money, to give you more health care. The Republican's policies don't involve giving money away at all. How is that in the people's economic interest? I mean, hello!"

"We're not trying to bribe people, we're better because we say 'vote for us and we'll give you money.' Well OK we're trying to bribe people. But then these Middle Americans come back and say they don't want the money! Their 'values' won't let them accept bribes. See how the Republicans have brainwashed them?"

Frank, who has pictures of Richard Daley and Sam Giancana in his office, said "The Republicans tell these people they can make it on their own. We have to stop the lies, this is the 21st Century, it should be obvious by now people cannot get ahead on their own, they need our handouts just to survive."

"Someday, hopefully, everyone in the country will be getting money from the government."